Brunelle Down to 9

Brunelle Down to 9
Samantha Brunelle is the No. 4 ranked prospect in the class of 2019

Samantha Brunelle, the No. 4 ranked prospect in the class of 2019, has narrowed her recruiting list to nine programs. While it is still early in her prep career, Brunelle has been on two USA Basketball teams, U16 and U17, and is the most decorated underclassmen in the country. The 6-foot-2 prospect is one of the more versatile offensive players nationally and has the potential to make an instant impact at the college level. 


Samantha Brunelle

Virginia, Class of 2019




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In early January, Brunelle released this list of nine programs via her Twitter account. In alphabetical order, her list is as follows, Connecticut, Duke, Kentucky, Maryland, Notre Dame, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Wake Forest, and Virginia. 

Brunelle's game has grown exponentially during her prep career.  When she was younger, she was much more comfortable facing the rim and playing in space than she was playing with her back to the basket or playing in traffic and fighting for points in the paint.  As she has matured physically and gained experience, Brunelle has shown comfort playing through contact and making the game easier for her teammates.  As a college prospect, Brunelle has the potential to make an instant impact as a shot maker and playmaker from the high post. 

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