In The Gym With Devin Coppinger

In The Gym With Devin Coppinger
Devin Coppinger


MANSFIELD, Texas – Class of 2024 guard Devin Coppinger of Everson, Washington, is heading into her sophomore year of high school with a wealth of experience under her belt already. We’ve been on the court with her several times a year for multiple years now and her game continues to grow.



Devin Coppinger has really turned herself into a legitimate producer for an NCAA Tournament caliber program. She can do whatever her future college needs her to be successful. During our Seattle session, Coppinger was shooting the ball at an elite clip given her age. Then in Texas last weekend, she followed that performance up with a similar one with some of the nation’s top prospects in the building with us. In that regard, Coppinger is a plug and play type capable of providing a multitude of things to a college roster. She’s strong enough to keep people in front of her yet skilled enough to be a shot maker when left open. Add those qualities to the work ethic that she shows whenever we train and Coppinger has the ability to be a consistent difference maker in the right situation next level.

Coppinger is a coach’s dream.  She morphs into whatever her team needs and usually does it at a high level.  In that way she compares impact-wise to a Sam Thomas at Arizona.  They are build different but both can contribute across the board.  Coppinger early on was fantastic off the dribble and scoring as a slasher.  Her game has continually evolved and it’s been a lot of fun to see her add the jumper then learn how to use it to set up other parts of her game.  The subtly to her game makes training with her fun as well as you can throw just about anything at her and she’ll figure it out.


Devin Coppinger

Washington, Class of 2024


HEIGHT5' 10"



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